10 Strategic Tips for Producing Content

1. Own website and blog

Setting up an attractive and well-designed website is a fundamental tactic for companies that need to publicize images and information about the products and services offered, such as a flower shop, for example. According to the expert, depending on the service offered by the company, setting up a blog with useful and interesting content about the products and services available there can also be of great value.

2. Educational and cultural editorial lines

Companies that wish to add value to the content marketing of their products and services must invest in educational, cultural editorial lines with high virality power, which are aligned with the company’s DNA.

As Toigo exemplifies, it is interesting for a coffee shop to cover subjects such as the history of coffee, interesting facts about the product, different flavors, etc., investing in carousels and reels with editorial lines of this nature.

3. Definition of the initial briefing 

According to the social media specialist, for independent professionals, such as psychologists and lawyers, carrying out the initial briefing is the most important event for building a content strategy. “The briefing will investigate the elements to develop the unique positioning of this professional, creating content capable of attracting the most profitable clients and patients”, she explains.

4. Creative Reels

“Betting on short videos is a good tactic for companies that want to attract new followers and admirers”, advises Toigo. Through this tool, according to her, a tattoo studio, for example, can quickly and interestingly show the artist’s creation process and the result of his art.

5. Explore Instagram highlights

These spaces are of great value for detailing the products and services offered by the company, clarifying possible doubts that customers may have. For example, in the Instagram highlight section, a coffee shop can include the methods they usually use to prepare the product, as well as the main menu items.

6. Instagrammable corner

Ideal for companies that work directly with customers, such as hotels, inns, pet shops and beauty salons, the Instagrammable Corner is an exclusive place in the establishment to take photos of customers using the companies’ products and services. Subsequently, explains the specialist, that these images must be posted on the company’s social networks, with appropriate customer tagging.

7. Partnership with influencers 

According to Toigo, partnering with influencers is an excellent advertising strategy, as long as it is carried out with the criteria: “The company must look for influencers who have an audience that matches the products or services offered by it”.

8. Encouragement to tag in stories

The customer can always be used in favor of the company to promote products and services, of course, if they are of quality and positively impact the consumer experience. Therefore, encouraging them to tag the location where the company is located in their stories is a great way to publicize it without having to make large investments.

9. Proposing collabs 

For small businesses, it’s always better to join forces than to go it alone to get a wider spread of products and services. In this sense, the founder of Like Marketing suggests investing in collaborations with complementary companies. “For example, a pet shop can form collabs with suppliers of clothes and food for pets, with educational content and product suggestions,” she says.

10. Registering on Google My Business and advertising local businesses

For local businesses, such as flower shops, pizzerias, and even supermarkets, registering on Google My Business is essential, according to Toigo, as it allows companies to appear on the tool’s geolocation maps. Furthermore, according to the expert, it is customary to invest in local business ads on Google and Meta (with video, preferably).