AI is Poised to Jumpstart Employee Performance. Here’s How.

“OpenAI is nothing without its people”. So tweeted Mira Murati, the then-interim CEO of OpenAI, the leader in AI innovation, over the weekend of November 18th. The tweet was repeated by other employees hundreds of times over a few hours. And so it became obvious, even for the world’s foremost AI company,

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that employees are every organization’s biggest asset. Individuals’ unique backgrounds, experiences, and expertise contribute to their undeniable value. They bring feelings, passions, and a peripheral vision – helping businesses connect the dots to achievement. The introduction of new technology, like artificial intelligence, doesn’t change that.

In fact, today’s employees believe these new tools will only strengthen their unique contributions – with 70% of Gen Z and 56% of Gen X employees saying they would leave their current job if it meant they’d have access to better technology. In response, 81% of HR leaders note they’ve already explored or implemented artificial intelligence within their organizations. The result? Greater communication skills, greater productivity, better teamwork, better results.

New technology can be disruptive without being destructive. And the new world order of work calls for new solutions.

Modern Challenges: AI in the era of hybrid work

It’s no secret that office environments have drastically changed in recent years. The expansion of hybrid and remote environments flipped work on its head – separating people geographically and introducing communication, collaboration, and mentorship only via a computer screen.
In doing so, we’ve lost some ground on the very attributes that make us individuals and enable connection. Here is how AI-powered learning tools can help the workforce regain confidence in their people skills in two critical areas.

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