Best Location for an Interior Designer

A successful career as an interior designer depends on a diverse set of skills. These include the ability to connect with clients and develop a strong portfolio.

The right location also plays an important role. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s critical for established professionals to stay up-to-date on prevailing trends and best practices.

The West Coast

The West Coast is home to some of the best cities and states for interior designers. Portland, Oregon, leads the country with the highest concentration of jobs, followed by Sacramento, California. However, if you’re not a fan of rain and cold weather, Jacksonville, Florida is an excellent option as well. It was ranked the tenth best city for interior design and offers plenty of opportunities for new designers.

When starting out, it’s important to build a strong portfolio. This will help you to attract clients and land your first job as an interior designer. You can find a wide variety of sample projects on websites like Houzz. It’s also a good idea to network with other interior designers in your area. They will be able to provide you with valuable advice and guidance on how to start your career off on the right foot.

Another great resource is a design course or degree program. These programs will help you develop your creativity and build a strong portfolio. They will also give you the tools you need to succeed in this fast-growing industry. You can find a variety of design courses and degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. These programs will teach you everything you need to know about the field of interior design and will help you find your niche in this competitive profession.

The East Coast

If you’re a design enthusiast, you’ll love working in the heart of it all. New York City is home to the flagship showrooms of designers such as Hudson Yards and 1stDibs, and boasts a plethora of beautiful neighborhoods for walking around. New York is also one of the best cities for interior designers, with its high salaries and thriving job market.

However, you should always consider your target demographic when choosing the location of your business. You want to make sure you can attract the right clients, and that they can afford your services. Then, you’ll need to consider how close your office is to subcontractors and vendors who can work efficiently with your team to minimize project costs.

In addition, local laws and taxes should be considered when deciding on the best place to operate your business. These will vary based on your state, region, and municipality. Some locations require registration or licensing, while others may have specific taxation regulations. It’s also important to understand the cost of living in different regions, as this can significantly impact your bottom line.

Finally, it’s important for experienced designers to keep up with industry trends and best practices through continuing education opportunities. Prevailing styles, techniques, and materials change regularly, so it’s essential that interior design professionals stay on top of the latest developments to maintain a competitive edge.

The Middle East

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If you are a professional interior designer, it is important to consider the demand for your services in the location where you plan on starting your business. You must also be mindful of the competition in your chosen location. Ensure that you are not competing with a lot of established and well-connected companies that can be hard to outperform.

The Rest of the World

Interior design is popular all over the world, but certain states and cities have a more favorable environment for the industry than others. If you are thinking of starting an interior design business, be sure to consider the level of demand for your services in each location as well as local zoning and licensing requirements, tax rates, and the type of clientele that would be most amenable to your style and brand.

While some states may have a higher unemployment rate than others, the overall pay for interior designers is high across the nation. The top places to work as an interior designer include New York, California, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Texas.

If you are interested in becoming an interior designer, a reputable college program is the best place to start. A program will help you build a portfolio and learn the fundamentals of the industry. Additionally, a program will also allow you to network with other designers and potentially land your first job upon graduation.


When choosing an interior designer, take the time to review their website and social media pages. Look at their design styles and projects to determine if they are a good fit for your project. It is also helpful to read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to get an idea of the designer’s overall professionalism.