Cylindrical Lock Suppliers: Ensuring Security and Convenience

Cylindrical locks, known for their durability and versatility, play a crucial role in securing residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. To make an informed choice, it’s essential to understand the various types and features of cylindrical locks, as well as the top suppliers in the market. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Cylindrical Lock Suppliers explore their benefits, types, key features, and introduce you to some of the leading suppliers.


I. Benefits of Cylindrical Locks

  1. Durability: Cylindrical locks are built to withstand wear and tear, making them a long-lasting security solution. They are often used in high-traffic areas due to their robust construction.

  2. Versatility: These locks can be installed on a variety of door types, including wood, metal, and glass. They are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

  3. Security: Cylindrical locks are known for their reliability and resistance to tampering, providing a high level of security for your property.

  4. Ease of Installation: They are relatively easy to install, making them a cost-effective choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

  5. Key Control: Most cylindrical locks allow for key control, meaning you can easily rekey them when needed, ensuring ongoing security.

II. Types of Cylindrical Locks

  1. Keyed Entry Locks: These are the most common types of cylindrical locks. They require a key to unlock and are commonly used on exterior doors.

  2. Privacy Locks: Privacy locks are often found in bathrooms and bedrooms. They have a simple locking mechanism from the inside but can be unlocked from the outside with a special tool.

  3. Passage Locks: These locks do not have a locking mechanism. They are used on doors where no security is required but a latch is necessary for convenience.

  4. Storeroom Locks: Storeroom locks are always locked from the outside and require a key for access. Inside, there is no locking mechanism, ensuring the door is always locked when not in use.

  5. Classroom Locks: Common in educational institutions, these locks can be locked and unlocked from the outside using a key, while the inside lever is always free for immediate egress.

III. Key Features to Consider

  1. Material and Finish: Cylindrical locks come in various materials, including brass, stainless steel, and bronze. The finish, such as polished chrome or satin nickel, affects the lock’s aesthetics.

  2. Lock Grade: ANSI (American National Standards Institute) has established lock grades to determine their durability and performance. Grade 1 locks are the most secure and durable, suitable for high-traffic areas.

  3. Keyway Type: The type of keyway affects key control and security. Common keyways include Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale, each with its unique advantages.

  4. Latch Type: Latch options include adjustable, fixed, and deadlatch. The choice depends on your specific door and security requirements.

  5. Handing: Consider whether you need a left-handed or right-handed lock, depending on the direction the door swings.

IV. Top Cylindrical Lock Suppliers

  1. Schlage
    Schlage is a trusted brand with a wide range of cylindrical lock options. They offer Grade 1 locks with various finishes and keyway options, ensuring both security and aesthetics.

  2. Kwikset
    Kwikset is known for its residential-grade cylindrical locks. They offer a variety of designs and finishes, making them ideal for homeowners looking for both security and style.

  3. Yale
    Yale, a well-respected name in security, provides a range of cylindrical locks suitable for both residential and commercial applications. They prioritize both security and ease of use.

  4. Baldwin
    Baldwin offers high-end, aesthetically pleasing cylindrical locks. They are known for their luxury designs, solid brass construction, and a variety of finishes.

    ASSA ABLOY is a global leader in security solutions. They offer a broad selection of cylindrical locks, including brands like SARGENT and CORBIN RUSSWIN, known for their high-security options.

  6. Master Lock
    Master Lock specializes in security solutions, including cylindrical locks. They are a trusted choice for commercial and industrial applications.

  7. Emtek
    Emtek is a subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY and focuses on decorative hardware, offering a combination of style and security in their cylindrical locks.

  8. Allegion
    Allegion, another industry leader, offers a variety of brands, including Schlage and Von Duprin, providing a range of options suitable for diverse security needs.


Cylindrical lock suppliers are the cornerstone of security for homes, offices, and various other spaces. They offer durability, versatility, and different lock types to cater to specific needs. By considering factors such as material, finish, lock grade, keyway type, and handing, you can choose the right cylindrical lock for your security requirements.

The top suppliers mentioned in this guide are reputable and well-known for providing quality cylindrical locks. Whether you’re looking for high-security options, stylish designs, or a balance of both, these suppliers offer a wide range of products to meet your needs. So, when it comes to securing your property, you can rely on the expertise of these suppliers to provide the perfect cylindrical lock solution.