Does American Airlines Refund Missed Flights?

There are instances when you can’t reach the airport on time, no matter how hard you try. Missing a flight is common. That’s why American Airline covers you in such a situation and has devised smart strategies to make sure that your travel plans go as smoothly and you also get a refund on missing your flight, provided you are eligible for it.

So, worry not if you miss your AA flight. With the missed flight policy and refund approach of American Airlines, you will be taken care of. Now, scroll down to know more about it.

Does American Airlines Refund Me If I Miss My Flight?

Yes, you can get American Airlines missed flight refunds easily. However, AA doesn’t refund its nonrefundable tickets. However, you get refund even on nonrefundable fares in the following conditions:

  • Flight cancellations made within 24 hours of booking.
  • A schedule change of over 4 hours occurs and you decide not to travel.

Moreover, you can get a refund by AA on missing your flight in the following conditions –

  • Contact the AA customer service representatives within 24 hours when you miss your flight.
  • Mention the reason why you can’t board your flight in the set time. When the airline finds you eligible for a refund, AA will give you.
  • AA refunds you to the original payment mode used while making a reservation.
  • You don’t get a refund with no-show. However, there are certain situations when American Airlines refund you for a no-show such as medical reasons.

What is American Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

You made every effort to catch your flight on time but have you still missed your AA flight? Now, you are worried about your disrupted travel and money lost on the ticket. Relax, AA takes care of you even if you have missed your flight. Here’s how –

  • If you reach the airport within 2 hours of your flight’s scheduled departure, AA keeps you on standby so that you can continue with your travel plans. You will get a new booking on the next flight available without any extra charges.
  • Even if you have checked your bags, you can be on standby. However, the benefit is for AAdvantage members.
  • When you miss a flight within 15 minutes, contact a representative of the airline at the airport. You can thereafter, rebook the next flight available and need not pay anything extra.
  • as per the American Airlines Refund Policy, you can get a refund for the flight missed, if you are eligible enough. 
  • AA also provides you the next available flight if you arrive at the airport so late that you can’t check-in or miss your flight with a few minutes.

In Conclusion

Therefore, don’t worry if you missed your flight with American Airlines. With the airline’s smart missed flight approach, you can hop on the next flight available and that too without having to pay any extra charges.

Count on the customer-friendly service of American Airlines that not only rebook you another flight but also refunds you for the flight missed when you are eligible for it. So, proceed in accordance to the policy of the airline when you miss your flight and you will not be disappointed.