What Does It Mean When Your Cat Sleeps on You?

Cat lovers are familiar with the fact that their cats are the ones who decide how they want to be loved. Their way of showing love is also different. Not all cats behave in the same way.

It might often happen that a cat might want to get out of grasp when they are cuddled. But they can have a habit of laying on their parent’s chest whenever they feel affectionate. Some cats don’t like to get physically close but others are all in to have a squishy cuddly relationship with their parents.

There can be many reasons for them behaving this way but all cat lovers would agree to the fact that they love it when their fur ball gives them a cosy cuddle and lays on their chest.

The basic reason for the cats to lay on their parent’s chest is love. They love them and want attention and affection. But there can be many other reasons as well.

Let’s Have a Look At Those Reasons  

Love for their parents and physical contact.  

The simplest reason for a cat to lay on one’s chest is because they love that person. They want to be around that person and feel safe and secure. They stay at ease and calm when they are around familiar scents.

They take a nap on their parent’s chest just to show them their love for them and get some quality time with them. Sometimes they can also be possessive about their parents.


They get comfortable around you.  

For these fur balls comfort is everything. Laying on a parent’s chest might just be a comfortable position for them. They can get comfortable anywhere and in any position but if it is the chest or lap then there is nothing like it.


They are trying to get warmer.  

They can often use you as their very personal heat source. They want a warm and cosy place to sleep in and a human body is just the perfect source for it. The heat the body generates makes it very comfortable for them as their natural body temperature is around 102 degree fahrenheit.

Marking their territory.  

Cats are territorial creatures. They like to mark things with their own scent for claiming ownership and also because of future encounters. They might try to let it out in the open that a certain person belongs to them by sitting on their chest.


They are trying to protect you.  

A cat becomes protective over a person during pregnancy or if that person is ill. They try to protect them by being as close to them as possible. The easiest way to do that is just by laying on their chest. It is their way of providing their fellow parent with confort.


They are not feeling well.  

If a cat is being closer than usual it may be a sign of illness. Cats generally separate themselves when they are hurt. But if they are getting close more often than normal then it can be a reason to worry.

They tend to hide their sickness pretty well because of their survival instincts. So if a cat who is not very keen on physical affection but is getting on your lap and purring frequently this can be worrisome.


They want to feel your heartbeat.  

A cat might feel comfortable to the sound of your heart beating. It might calm them down. As a kitten a cat used to be close to the mother cat and used to hear the sound of heartbeat and they try to do the same thing with the pet mother as well.

And it is not just one way. A cat purring on your chest is good for you as well. It reduces stress, blood pressure and also reduces the chance of heart attack as well.


They might be stressed.  

Cats tend to express their feelings in different ways. Some become quiet and some get a little closer. They cannot verbally express when they are stressed or feeling a bit iffy. They might seek comfort in getting physically close to their parent.



It is important to notice when this behaviour started. It can be an important sign which can tell a parent about their pet’s mental and physical health. Some cats in general like physical touch and want to be around all the time while some cats don’t. Just be sure to double check for their health condition.

Some parents are not comfortable with their pets sleeping on their chest. Then they can get their pets their individual bed and keep it warm because cats like to sleep in places which keeps them cosy and warm.

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