Why unstitched cotton suit is the best option this festive season?

The dates of most festivals around the world change according to the lunar and solar calendars. Muslims celebrate their festivals according to the lunar calendar. Such festivals like Eid come in different seasons in Muslim countries. This year Eid is arriving in the summer season. Wearing a breathable unstitched cotton suit is the best fabric option this festive season.

Different ladies’ dress brands launch their cotton fabric collections in the summer. In the summer cotton suit collection, most pastel shades are made by the brands. The logic behind choosing pastel shades is that light colors absorb less heat as compared to dark colors. The light pastel colors reflect most of the wavelength, which makes them absorb less heat. Similarly, dark colors absorb the wavelength, which ends up producing more heat. 

Quality that matters 

Cotton is the softest and most comfortable material to wear in summer. Cotton, as you know it, grows naturally in warmer climates all over the world. It has the following qualities like 

  1. Absorbent.
  2. High wet 
  3. Biodegradable.
  4. Excellent wicking.
  5. Wipe dry performance
  6. Breathable.
  7. Hypoallergenic.
  8. Non-toxic.

Moreover, other than these qualities, cotton is one of the healthiest fabrics. It dries moisture rapidly and prevents bacteria from growing and damaging your skin. Another important quality of cotton is that it does not smell bad after soaking up sweat. 

Women who like to wear flowy fabric in the summer season can wear the cotton satin fabric as it gives an exclusive feel. You can create a stylish, elegant outfit with this specific type of fabric. If you want to have a shimmery and flowy outfit for the night, this is the best possible option for you. 

Fabric that speaks for himself

Undoubtedly, cotton is the fabric that speaks for itself when it comes to comfortability and durability. The ladies cotton suit which often has embroidery and other embellishments requires the best durability. The best quality of cotton suits for ladies is that they fit comfortably with all body types. It does not matter if you are plus size or slim; you can easily wear this fabric. It does not lose its shape after multiple washes. You do not have to worry if you have gained weight; it is wearable and holds extra strength. 

The cotton fabric is easy to maintain, you do not need to follow certain guidelines to wash. As some fabrics have, they should be washed with warm water and should not be dried directly in the sun. Cotton, on the other hand, is the easiest fabric to wash as mentioned above. 

The latest summer collection includes cotton fabric 

Brands have now started making different unique and stylish designs from cotton net fabric. It not only gives a premium feel but also allows you to have a natural fall of the fabric. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric in South Asia, as women who work outside should be sweating more, and this fabric immediately absorbs sweat and does not give you a bad odor. There are many other fabrics that trap heat and do not soak sweat, like cotton. 

The latest summer collection of brands has cotton as the main fabric along with lawn this season. The cotton fabric collection at the store includes dresses for toddlers to aged women. This means that this fabric is suitable for every type of skin. Especially women who have sensitive skin and cannot bear the allergy due to other fabric materials. 

Cotton is more than an fabric

Women fashion designers prefer to choose cotton as it can be easily combined with other types of fabrics. Designer dresses made with cotton can be worn throughout the year, not only in the summer season. The biggest plus of the cotton material is that is dyeable. You can dye it any color of your choice with ease. Moreover, it is also available in vivid and darker shades like black, blue, and green.  

The color range and intermixing ability of cotton make it one of the best materials for designers. Particularly, women designers take leverage in creating different types of outfits from this fabric. The men’s clothing industry is equally dependent on this specific type of fabric. Men’s shirts and suits are also made with cotton fabric during the summer season. 

Cotton clothes are the spirit of fashion 

Cotton is the most loved ethnic fabric among men and women in every fashion, season, and occasion. The term spirit of fashion is closely associated with this fabric as almost every type of clothing and fashion accessory uses this fabric material. There are other fabrics that are used from season to season, but cotton stays along throughout the year. Moreover, the weather conditions are different in both the northern and southern hemispheres, which also made cotton an all-year fabric material. 

The vivid and brighter shades in cotton are quite useful in creating the best stylish outfits for the season. The color schemes in which cotton satin outfits are designed to have a premium feel and touch. It has a smooth and comfy touch which is hard to get with other fabric materials. 

Never outdated, always in style 

Cotton has a rich history dating back to 3000BC, when it was grown, spun, and woven by the people of the Indus River valley in Pakistan. This is just to highlight that this fabric is still used as a common fabric material in every fashion industry across the world for thousands of years. That clears out the point that it will never be outdated and will remain in style every year. 

All the fashion styles across the continent have different fashion styles, but the fabric remains the same. Women in South Asia wear modest dresses like shalwar kameez and suits for making outfits from cotton. Similarly, women in the Western part of the world use cotton net maxis dresses on auspicious occasions. 

Wear comfortably, look better 

You will only look great in an outfit if you are comfortable in it. Cotton is the softest and comfiest fabric that is suitable for almost every type of skin. To conclude, cotton is the most trendy, shinning and breathable fabric for the whole fashion industry.